Saturday, October 10, 2015

My Journey to Warrior Trading

Earlier this week Ross asked me if I would like join his team and become a moderator in the chatroom.  I didn’t have to think twice.  I already felt I had found a trading home because that’s what this community feels like to me.  If you have read my blogs since February, I have done nothing but rave about Ross and the gang at Warrior Trading.  So for me it felt like a natural progressive step to join the team.  I felt honored, then humbled, and then just plain floored when I received the invitation.  These were 3 guys that I look up to and learn from every day, and they wanted me to join their team!  After all this wore off, I began reflecting on how I got here.  What all have I accomplished that earned me this honor.  Am I really deserving?

The first thing I reflected on is my favorite quote that I picked up when I first started teaching.  “No man can become rich without himself enriching others” Andrew Carnegie.  The one thing that has remained constant throughout my trading journey has been the fact that I was always willing to help others.  If I learned 1 new concept or adaptation to my strategy, I would share it.  I believe that no aspiring trader who I have come in contact with can say that I have refused to help or share anything I had related to trading.  Giving a helping hand is truly something I believe in.

When I first started looking seriously into day trading I was looking into penny stocks.  There was someone who was considered the penny stock God who I began to follow. I joined his service and looked at dumping a large amount of money to be one of his "chosen" students.  As I began to research this program I came across another trader who had just became one of this guys students and said he was going to blog about his journey.  I thought that this was perfect.  I would wait to see what happened with him and make my ultimate decision from his assessment. As I read his blog I began to learn something more from him.  I learned that you had to approach this from a business aspect. I learned that this was a marathon, not a sprint.  It was during this time that I realized that penny stocks were not for me, but I continued to follow this blog.  I owe a lot to him because his blog kept me on the right track.  Who would have known after all this time we would end up in the same community again. So who am I talking about?  Jai Catalano of course! His blog is named "Beyond Debt".  Everybody in WT chat knows Jai!  I had no idea he was in the room until he did a review on WT on his blog.

Over the next several months I made the transition to listed stocks and tried several other communities.  I worked hard and I went about it in the systematic way I learned from following Jai's blog.  I realized moderate success and I was pleased with my progress, but I hadn't found a "home". Someplace that just felt right to me.  I realized that I was long biased and I knew that I needed to focus on long strategies.  By this time I had invested $1000 in an educational DVD from the chat community I was in, but their main strategies centered around shorting stocks. The DVD covered some long strategies but I just had a feeling something was missing.

I left that community and I tried trading on my own for a while, relying heavily on Twitter.  I had enough knowledge to stay in the game, but again I knew something was missing.  By now school had started and I put off my trading for a while.  Then in October I started searching around again and there was another DVD coming out by the same guy as the first DVD I bought. It was to have live trades recorded so I bought that one and again just focused on the long setups.  It helped a little more but just couldn't find that piece of the puzzle I was missing.  I was making a few dollars with my trading which I felt was good based on the 10% - 90% stat.  I just wasn't content.  I made a decision while on Christmas vacation that starting in 2015 I would go all in.  I knew this is what I wanted to do and I was going to work hard at making it happen for me.  I was determined to find the right community. I also started a blog to document my journey into full time trading.

As I was searching the internet the next day for possible communities to join I came across a link to a free webinar that had been previously recorded.  The description sounded like something that I would be interested in so I checked it out ( Check out Ross's picture on this webinar!  After I saw that webinar I knew I had found something.  Of course I didn't rush in.  I took advantage of a couple of free chat days and the 2 week free trial before I took the leap in February of 2015.  But the way Ross taught and explained his setups and strategies won me over the very first time I saw that webinar.  Being a teacher myself and teaching classes for new teachers I am able to recognize very quickly a natural teacher.  I believe he is more of a natural teacher than I am.  

If you have followed my blog from the beginning you will see how I have adapted and refined my trading strategies.  You will see how I progressed through the different tools I have used.  I encourage you to read it if you haven't and see just how much change you may experience in your journey.  I will continue to grow and refine my trading and tools I use because I believe that this is the secret to success.  I feel I work harder than the average new trader.  I felt I had too in order to reach my goals.  I'm up until 1am studying charts not only of my trades but others who made similar trades as I did. Twitter is an awesome resource if you use it correctly. I watch and re-watch videos and webinars and compare the notes I took from them to make sure I'm not missing anything.  I'm up at 7:30am (used to be 6am) looking to see what happened overseas and how the market is reacting to it. Then I begin preparing my watchlist for the day. I put in a lot of time to get to this point.  I didn't realize it until I reflected back on how much time I invested in this.

So how did I get here?  Hard work and dedication.  Patience and determination.  If I didn't accept months of making $40, $50 and $60 wins while I was learning how to deal with the emotional part of trading I would not be here.  I couldn't look at everyone in chat and on Twitter making hundreds and thousands of dollars and compare myself with them to determine how successful I was.  I had to look at me; my trades; my risk; my profit % and set my rate of growth based on me and my goals.  I had to continuously ask myself; Am I progressing?  Am I growing as a trader?  Am I focusing on the right things?  Am I working hard enough to ensure my success?  All these things matter,

Now I'm in a position to be able to do more to help others,  I will continue to work hard to improve so that I can share that success with the WT community.  Is it added pressure? YES!  I don't want to let my team or community down but it is the kind of pressure that will drive me to continue improving and becoming more successful in my trading.

Thanks to Ross, Mike, and Jeff for this opportunity.  Thanks for all of the support that everyone has shown me as I enter this new phase of my trading career and just know I will be working harder than ever to help all those I can realize their goals and dreams.  See you in chat!

PS:  I will be doing a video outlining my strategies and how I trade so you can understand my alerts better,  Hope to finish it this weekend!